Career Prospects

Career Prospects for Graduates from the English and Communication Stream

Graduates from this stream may pursue a vast range of careers in public, private and academic sectors that include but not limited to corporate communications officers, promotions and public relations professionals across all industries, civil servants in various government departments, middle management staff across all industries, media editing and journalistic staff with television and radio stations, newspapers and magazines, teaching and research staff with schools and academic institutes, and any other occupations that demand highly proficient English language and communication skills.

Career Prospects for Graduates from the Stream of Chinese and Philosophy

The provision of a broadly based liberal arts education with emphasis on Chinese and Philosophy enables graduates from this stream to be well-equipped with transferable skills, such as communication, creative thinking, logical reasoning and sensitivity to cultural diversity, skills which are highly applicable to a wide range of occupations and industries. In fact, graduates from this stream will have a broad selection of jobs in different areas including education, media, civil service, public bodies and China-related business organisations. Alternatively, they may also further their studies in related disciplines and engage in research work upon graduation.

Career Prospects for Graduates from the Stream of Bilingual Studies

With sound communication skills in both English and Chinese, graduates from this stream may choose to work as public relations and communications officers in their preferred areas, such as the financial and commercial sectors. With proper training in producing bilingual texts, graduates can work as editors, copywriters or translators to provide language services to the media, language service agencies or private companies. They can also work as research assistants in the academic field to help in language-related research. As graduates are able to distinguish the salient differences between English and Chinese, they are capable of working as academics teaching language courses to adults and children, especially to second language learners of either Chinese or English.