Office 365 (with OneDrive, Exchange) license

Install 365 in up to 5 machines per business account

Office 365: OneDrive tutorial

Each business account has up to 5TB of storage on OneDrive

Upload files and folders

Create files and folders

Turn on OneDrive backup

Share files and folders

Sync OneDrive files and folders

Sync files with OneDrive files on demand

Office 365: Word tutorial

Create documents efficiently

Insert Hyperlinks

Remove Hyperlinks

Find and Replace Text

Insert Table

Insert Picture

Text Wrap

Create a bulleted or numbered list

Apply styles

Convert or save to PDF

Edit a PDF

Write an equation or formula

Create a bibliography, citations, and references

Insert footnotes and endnotes

Office 365: PowerPoint tutorial

For presentation

Slides and Layouts

Texts and Tables

Present slideshows

Animation, Videos and audio

Office 365: Excel tutorial

Perform data analysis

Rows and Columns


Formulas and Functions



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Webpage tools

Google Chrome (alternative web browser)

Notepad++: Text editor for HTML file

HTML: SeaMonkey - composer

HTML5 standards

CSS standards

Mobile navigation bar example

JavaScript tutorial

JavaScript tutorial (3:26:42)

PHP tutorial

XAMPP (Apache+MariaDB+PHP) server (for testing only)

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Math/Stat tools

Math package: GNU Octave

requires Java Runtime Environment


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Multimedia tools


VLC media player

Music font

MusiSync font, MusiQwik font

Picture editor: GIMP

Online image editor

Color code chart


Panorama photo stitcher

360 Product Viewer & Publishing Software

Serverless (FaaS) versus Containers

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Computing language

Popularity of Programming Language

Average Python developer salary in the USA

Key Findings in 2020 Salary Index Report

20 Best Free Python Tutorials for 2020

Intro to Python Tutorial

Functional Programming HOWTO

Functional Programming in Python (course)

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Software Development

Unity (development platform for 2D and 3D games) license

Eclipse (IDE) license

Apache NetBeans IDE (integrated development environment) license

Visual Studio Community (Edit and debug codes IDE) license

development environment

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Animation, Modeling, Rendering SW

Autodesk 3DS MAX (3D modeling and rendering software) license

Autodesk AUTOCAD (design) license

Autodesk MAYA (animation, modeling, simulation and rendering SW) license

SketchUp (3D design SW) license

V-Ray (visualization plugin for 3D computer graphics SW) license

Adobe Creative Cloud (many creative tools) license

3blue1brown animation on maths

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Aritificial Intelligence Platform

H2O machine learning platformlicense

GCP Marketplace

Data Science Virtual Machines

AWS Deep Learning AMIs


Lambda GPU Cloud for Deep Learning

GPU benchmark comparison

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Aritificial Intelligence Software

Tensorflow (Google)

Azure (Microsoft)


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Files tools

File transfer: winscp

How to Setup an FTP Server in Windows 7

PDFill PDF Editor

briss (crop and repaginate pdf file)

7 zip

PDFill PDF writer

bullzip PDF Printer

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC:

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Communication tools

WeChat for Windows

WhatsApp (Windows PC)

Sending message to phone number

Number starts with country code, a space (replace with %20) then the local phone number

Zoom meeting


Schedule meeting

Mentimeter (vote online)

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Security tools

Malwarebytes (trial)

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Chinese language tools

Fanti Jianti conversion


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VirtualBox (Virtual Machine)

How to connect to VirtualBox VM desktop remotely:

Ubuntu (Linux OS)


Chrome Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop

15 Cloud Computing Online Courses

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VM, Containers, Kubenetes

Virtual Machines

Virtual Machine

Containers vs VMs

Containers 101


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Innovation and Technology Fund

University Grants Committee: Faculty Development Scheme

University Grants Committee: Collaborative Research Grant

University Grants Committee: Research Infrastructure Grant

Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute

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Intro to Applied Linear Algebra - Vectors, Matrices, and Least Squares by Stephen Boyd and Lieven Vandenberghe

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